Family Practice Physician: Primary Care, Hormone Therapy, Skin Care Clinic & More in Bridge City, TX

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While there are all sorts of medical facilities in Bridge City, few offer the wide variety of services that we do here at Golden Triangle Family Care Center.

Our practice operates as a

  • Primary care physician’s office
  • Hormone therapy center
  • Skin care clinic all in one

Our expert staff of medical practitioners consists of everyone from primary care doctors to hormone therapy providers, and they all take excellent care of Bridge City clients, no matter what they come in for help with.

Treatments at Our Bridge City Skin Care Clinic

Family Practice

Hormone Therapy

Laser Treatments

Skin Treatments

Skin Cosmetics

Golden Triangle Family Care Center also operates as a quality skin care clinic that offers a variety of laser and cosmetic procedures for those in Bridge City suffering from specific skin conditions. We are proud to be a complete skin care clinic, helping with anything from acne to pigment problems to wrinkles. All procedures are handled by trained providers and take place in a comfortable setting, so our Bridge City skin care clinic clients can relax while we work to rejuvenate them.

A Bridge City Family Practice You Can Trust

Our primary care physicians, Dr. Penning and Dr. Satir, have over 35 years of combined experience in the field of osteopathic medicine, so people in Bridge City come to them for all kinds of care. Their family practice is trusted by the people that make up Bridge City, from using them as doctors for the kids to primary care physicians for parents and grandparents. We know how important you and your loved ones’ health is, and that is why the staff at our Bridge City family practice takes our time with patients and listens to all concerns. Whether you need a doctor for your children or a primary care physician for yourself, we are here in Bridge City to help.

BioTE® Medical’s Method of Hormone Therapy Available in Bridge City

In addition to being primary care physicians that people in Bridge City turn to when sick, our practitioners are Platinum Certified BioTE Medical Providers that are also available to help with hormones. Sometimes when you feel a little off, it might not be an illness but rather an imbalance in your hormones. Hormone therapy is a method of using bioidentical hormone replacement pellets to regulate levels in the body, and our family practice is a place where people in Bridge City can come and have them inserted by a professional provider.