Child Primary Care Physician in Bridge City, TX

Picking a primary care doctor for your children to see in Bridge City is no easy task, as you can’t trust just any old primary care doctor with your precious loved ones. Golden Triangle Family Care Center has two doctors who act as primary care physicians for many children in Bridge City. Our child doctors are here to help kids with sicknesses, injuries, and the important exams and checkups that come with growing up. Our entire Bridge City primary care staff is compassionate and patient, so you can have confidence your child’s health is in good hands.

Bridge City Child Doctors Here to Supervise Growth

Many people in Bridge City locate a child doctor before their baby is even born so that they can be the primary care doctor from the very beginning of the child’s life. The benefit of primary care is that having the same practitioner be the overseer of their health means families get to know the primary care doctor and the doctor gets to know the patient very well. This relationship allows for better, more comprehensive care and makes Bridge City children feel comfortable about going to routine primary care appointments as they age because the doctor is someone they trust.

Primary Care Doctors for Checkups in Bridge City

While adults in Bridge City may go to their primary care doctors relatively infrequently, primary care for children often consists of a much more intensive care plan because growing bodies require a closer observation. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children get ten physical exams at certain milestones during the first two years of life, and then have annual visits after that. That adds up to a lot of doctor appointments, and it makes it easy when a child in Bridge City has the same primary care doctor throughout their entire life because they already have knowledge of previous checkups and health history.

Bridge City Primary Care for Sick Children

In addition to routine care, our child doctors are also available for assistance in Bridge City with illnesses and injuries that children experience regularly. If your child is under the weather or has been hurt, bring them to our primary care center and our doctors, Dr. Penning and Dr. Satir, will take great care of them. After one of our Bridge City primary care doctors does the appropriate screenings and evaluations, they can either prescribe a method of relief for their primary care patient or refer them to a specialist in Bridge City. Our primary care doctors know being sick or injured is upsetting for kids, so they make sure to have a calming presence during appointments.