Primary Care Physician for Men in Bridge City, TX

Here at Golden Triangle Family Care Center, we have primary care physicians on staff that are here to help people in Bridge City who are unwell or injured. Our primary care for men is where males of all ages come to see either Dr. Penning or Dr. Satir for anything regarding their health. Our men’s doctors are experts in male wellness and have over 35 years of combined experience, so you can trust that the primary care doctors at our Bridge City office can be of assistance.

Why is Primary Care Important for Men in Bridge City?

It’s important that men in Bridge City have an established primary care physician for a number of reasons. Many people do not have a set men’s doctor, and then when they are experiencing a health issue, they are left wondering where to turn. A Bridge City primary care doctor is someone you can rely on when you feel unwell, as they have prior knowledge of your health history and an office full of primary care equipment and technology to help diagnose you. It’s also important to use primary care as preventative medicine and have annual exams with a men’s doctor in Bridge City to make sure you are as healthy as can be.

The Men’s Doctors Here at Our Bridge City Care Center

People in Bridge City choose to come to our center for primary care for men because our men’s doctors are family practitioners that often work with many generations of males within the same family. Many of our primary care patients have been patients of our Bridge City primary care physicians since childhood, as have their siblings, parents, and grandparents, because they trust the primary care for men that we offer. Between the two of them, Dr. Penning and Dr. Satir have more than 35 years of experience doing osteopathic medicine, which focuses on the entire body. Our Bridge City primary care doctors are proud to provide care that makes sure every man in the family is in good health.

Bridge City Primary Care Doctor Appointment FYIs

When you book a primary care for men appointment at Bridge City’s Golden Triangle Family Care Center, there are some patient forms to fill out and bring. You will go over these with the primary care doctor, so they can get some health history to take into account with the current ailments you are experiencing. Our Bridge City medical staff will do some tests, screenings, and lab work, and based off the results the primary care physician can then either prescribe some kind of treatment or refer you to a specialist in Bridge City if they think it’s needed.