Primary Care Physician for Women in Bridge City, TX

When women in Bridge City search for a primary care physician, they choose carefully because they want a women’s doctor that is professional and compassionate. We offer primary care for women at Golden Triangle Family Care Center from two primary care doctors that emulate those things and have been helping women in Bridge City with their wellness for years. Our women’s primary care services make us a go-to place for females experiencing minor illnesses or injuries because they know they can come to us in Bridge City and our primary care staff will do all we can to help them feel better.

Why Bridge City Women Need a Primary Care Doctor

While many people in Bridge City think you only need to see a doctor when ill, having a primary care physician is wise for many reasons. First of all, having annual wellness exams from a primary care doctor ensures that you are in good health and helps you establish a relationship with the physician. Having a women’s doctor that knows you and your body means they may be able to catch something during a checkup before it turns into something serious. If you do get sick or hurt, having an established place you go to for women’s primary care makes receiving treatment much easier.

Trusted Bridge City Women’s Doctors and Practitioner

The primary care staff at the Golden Triangle Family Care Center in Bridge City is made up of a trusted team of two primary care physicians and a skilled nurse practitioner. Dr. Penning and Dr. Satir are our two women’s doctors who together boast more than 35 years of osteopathic medicine experience. Our nurse practitioner Kelly has many years of experience in reproductive healthcare that she brings to our Bridge City women’s primary care clinic. These three medical professionals work together to deliver quality primary care for women in Bridge City.

Women’s Primary Care Appointments in Bridge City

When you book an appointment for primary care for women at Bridge City’s Golden Triangle Family Care Center, there are some patient forms that you will have to fill out and bring to your appointment. You will go over these with the primary care doctor, so they can get some health history to take into account with the current ailments you are experiencing. Our Bridge City primary care staff will do some tests, screenings, and lab work, and based off the results the primary care physician can then either prescribe some kind of treatment or refer you to a specialist in Bridge City if they think it’s needed.