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As people in Bridge City get older they may notice they don’t feel as well, but chalk it up to aging and deal with it. However, there is relief for many of the symptoms people suffer from in Bridge City in the form of something called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Because hormones regulate the body’s systems, they control much of how we feel. The key to feeling better is controlling the hormones, and hormone replacement is designed to do exactly that. Golden Triangle Family Care Center offers BHRT to both men and women in Bridge City who are seeking internal balance.

Hormone Therapy Offered in Bridge City and Beyond

Recent advancements in science have made it possible for people in Bridge City to regulate their body systems by doing hormone replacement with bioidentical ones released from a pellet inserted under the skin. This process is called BHRT, and while there are many different mediums of taking hormones, pellets are an extremely effective method of hormone therapy available in Bridge City. This type of hormone therapy has been used by people in the United States, Europe, and Australia since 1939, and we are proud to use BioTE® Medical's method of hormone replacement therapy for the services we provide at Golden Triangle Family Care Center in Bridge City. Golden Triangle Family Care Center is proud to be a Platinum Certified BioTE Provider that has treated over 1,500 patients for hormone optimization using the BioTE Method.

How Does Getting BHRT Benefit People in Bridge City?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a reliable solution for people in Bridge City whose bodies no longer produce hormones correctly, because the hormones provided by the pellets compensate for any deficiencies or inequalities. Unbalanced hormones can lead to low energy levels, low libido, depression, irritability, weight gain, and more for Bridge City residents, but hormone replacement can negate all those issues. Our Bridge City hormone therapy clients often notice increased happiness, sex drive, and mental clarity that also coincides with a decrease in the negative symptoms they were experiencing before having the BioTE’s method of pellet therapy inserted.

Consultations in Bridge City for Prospective BHRT Patients

If hormone therapy is something that interests you, we encourage you to come to Bridge City’s Golden Triangle Family Care Center for a consultation to see if it is a good option. One of our skilled providers will explain how hormone replacement works, answer any questions you have about BHRT (or the introductory videos about bioidentical hormones we require patients to watch), and then administer a blood screen to get information about your hormone levels. The results will let our Bridge City staff know precisely which ratios of bioidentical hormones you will need to achieve a healthier and happier life.