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Our Bridge City practice specializes in providing those who have hormonal imbalances with bioidentical hormones to help their body reach equilibrium. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, as it’s called, is a reliable solution for people in Bridge City whose bodies no longer produce hormones correctly because the BioTE® Medical pellets we use compensate for any deficiencies or inequalities. Our Bridge City hormone therapy clients often notice increased happiness, sex drive, and mental clarity that coincides with a decrease in the negative symptoms they were experiencing before undergoing hormone replacement.

Bioidentical Hormones for Bridge City Men

People in Bridge City commonly associate aging with increased fatigue, irritability, and memory loss, but they don’t often realize that the reason could be related to hormone imbalance. Male hormonal decline usually begins at around age 35, at which point men in Bridge City start to lose about two percent less testosterone each year. This creates those side effects attributed to aging. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is designed to let people age gracefully and minimize all those adverse physical effects, because the pellets work to replenish whatever your body is lacking. Some of the positive changes male BioTE clients notice are greater mental clarity, increased libido, more energy, and decreased body fat, depression, and irritability.

Bridge City Clinic Offering BioTE Nutraceuticals

The hormone therapy we offer at Golden Triangle Family Care Center is designed to give our Bridge City clients’ bodies a boost towards being in optimal health. BioTE® Medical, the company whose method of using pellets we are proud to offer to our Bridge City clients, also manufactures a line of supplements that complement the work done during bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The BioTE nutraceuticals we offer at Golden Triangle Family Care Center contain various vitamins and elements which studies have shown have positive effects on the body in correlation with hormones.

Bridge City Women and Hormone Therapy

BioTE Medical’s method of using pellets help women in Bridge City feel better because the source of discomfort lies in hormone imbalance. Once bioidentical hormone replacement therapy takes effect and hormones are stabilized, the usual symptoms of suffering like depression, fatigue, low libido, weight gain, and memory loss are absolved. Many of our female hormone therapy clients in Bridge City experience increased energy, heightened interest in sex, weight loss, mental clarity, and a more stable, uplifted mood. The best part of taking bioidentical hormones in this way is that it doesn't require the ingestion of daily pills or a complex regimen like other methods offered in other medical offices in Bridge City.