BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men in Bridge City, TX

While pellet therapy is something that can benefit both genders in Bridge City, there is a difference in the formulas for hormone pellets for males and females because they require differing levels. The hormone therapy for men we offer at Bridge City’s Golden Triangle Family Care Center are pellets that have helped hundreds of thousands of men nationwide feel their absolute best. We offer BioTE® Medical’s method of hormone pellet therapy, which uses bioidentical hormones that replicate those already present in your body and regulate them for improved overall wellbeing in Bridge City.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Men in Bridge City

People in Bridge City always associate aging with increased fatigue, irritability, and memory loss, but they don’t often realize that the reason could be related to hormone imbalance. Male hormonal decline usually begins at around age 35, at which point men in Bridge City start to lose about two percent less testosterone each year. This creates those side effects attributed to aging. Hormone pellet therapy is designed to let people age gracefully and minimize all those adverse physical effects, because the hormone pellets work to replenish whatever your body is lacking. Some of the positive changes our Bridge City BioTE Medical’s method of pellet therapy clients notice are greater mental clarity, increased libido, more energy, and decreased body fat, depression, and irritability.

Coming to Us in Bridge City for BioTE Pellet Therapy

The hormone therapy for men that we offer at Golden Triangle Family Care Center is trusted not only by all of our clients, but many people all over the country. There have been over one  million insertions of BioTE’s method of pellet therapy since its introduction, and many of those were completed right here in Bridge City by our PlatinumCertified BioTE Medical Providers, who are professional and make sure to answer any questions you may have about hormone pellets. We work with all prospective hormone pellet therapy clients in Bridge City with a consultation and blood screen to see if hormone therapy for men is the best course of action. BioTE Medical’s method of pellet therapy is something that works for up to four to six months, and then requires only a quick office visit for another insertion.

How Bridge City Clients Pay for Their Hormone Pellets

While hormone pellet therapy is not covered by insurance, there are many ways for people in Bridge City to fund their pellet therapy. Golden Triangle Family Care Center accepts cash, checks, and major credit cards as a method of payment for hormone pellet therapy services, as well as has, HRA cards and Care Credit. BioTE Medical also offers its own financing plan for pellet therapy that involves an easy application and instant approval. The Certified BioTE Providers that administer the hormone pellets at our Bridge City office are happy to provide you with any additional details on all the ways you can finance hormone therapy for men.

Setting up Pellet Therapy Appointments in Bridge City

If the hormone balance services we provide in Bridge City sounds appealing to you, download and fill out our wellness quiz to see how BioTE Medical’s method using pellet therapy can benefit your body.