BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy for Women in Bridge City, TX

Hormone therapy for women allows Bridge City females to age gracefully and easily, because hormone pellets make sure your body is regulated. Hormones start to be produced at infrequent and uneven rates as early as your 30s, but pellet therapy like we offer at Golden Triangle Family Care Center in Bridge City can negate the side effects. Women who receive hormone pellet therapy appreciate that the negative emotional and physical consequences of menopause are minimized with a simple insertion  of hormone pellets. We utilize BioTE® Medical’s method of pellet therapy at our Bridge City practice, which uses products that are bioidentical and used by women nationwide.

Hormone Pellet Therapy – What It Is and How It Works

As women in Bridge City age, their hormone production slows and can lead to unbalanced levels which cause several menopausal side effects. Hormone pellet therapy was invented to stop some of the unwanted feelings associated with aging by replenishing whatever hormones the body is lacking and regulating internal systems for improved overall wellbeing. People all around the globe have used pellet therapy for over 80 years, and we are proud to offer hormone therapy for women in Bridge City

The Benefits of Pellet Therapy for Women in Bridge City

BioTE’s method using pellet therapy helps women n Bridge City feel better because the source of discomfort lies in hormone imbalance, which the hormone pellets work to even out. Once BioTE’s method of pellet therapy begins working and hormones are stabilized, the common symptoms of suffering like depression, fatigue, low libido, weight gain, and memory loss are minimzed. Many of our hormone pellet therapy clients in Bridge City experience increased energy, heightened interest in sex, weight loss, mental clarity, and a more stable, uplifted mood. The best part of this kind of hormone therapy for women is that it doesn't require the ingestion of daily pills or a complex regimen like other methods offered in other medical offices in Bridge City.

Hormone Therapy for Women at Our Bridge City Office

When you come to Golden Triangle Family Care Center in Bridge City for hormone pellet therapy, we begin with a consultation. During this appointment, you will speak with a Platinum Certified BioTE Provider about BioTE’s method of pellet therapy to discuss details, go over any questions you have about hormone pellets, and do a blood screen to see if  pellet therapy can help your health. If you are found to be a good candidate, we will set customize plan for hormone pellet therapy that will be inserted subcutaneously in the body once every couple of months.

Are You Interested in Bridge City BioTE Pellet Therapy?

If hormone therapy for women is something you’d like to try, the BioTE Medical’s method of pellet therapy we offer in Bridge City could be a great option. Find out if our Bridge City services would be beneficial to you by downloading and taking our wellness quiz.