Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) Treatment in Bridge City, TX

Not many people in Bridge City have heard of onychomycosis, but about 10% of people are affected by it. It’s more commonly known as nail fungus - the discoloration and degeneration of the nail bed that is not only unsightly, but can also be uncomfortable. While people who suffer from it usually have it on their toenails, the fungus treatments that we make available to Bridge City residents mean they don’t have to suffer anymore. Here at Golden Triangle Family Care Center, we offer onychomycosis treatment to our clients that use laser therapy technology to target and destroy the feet fungi.

Onychomycosis and How it Affects Our Bridge City Clients

Nail fungus (or onychomycosis, as it is referred to in the medical sphere) is an infection of the nail that changes its appearance and texture over time and can lead to pain if not addressed with onychomycosis treatment. When someone in Bridge City has it, parts of the nail typically experience discoloration that is yellow, brown, or green, and the nail can thicken, curl, and crumble. Onychomycosis is a fungal issue caused by yeasts and dermatophytes and requires nail fungus treatment because it does not go away on its own and can result in the nail detaching from the nail bed. Luckily, whether you need it for your fingernails or toenails, fungus treatments at Bridge City’s Golden Triangle Family Care Center can help.

Nail Fungus Treatments in Bridge City Using IPL Therapy

We use a laser therapy called intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat onychomycosis for our Bridge City clients. The high-tech machines we use for nail fungus treatments in Bridge City have fast and powerful pulses of energy to heat the fungal cells and kill them so that the infection stops growing on the fingernail or toenail. Fungus treatments with lasers are very focused as to not damage surrounding tissue, skin, or the actual nail, but can still penetrate all the way through a client’s infected toenail to address the source of the issue.

Coming to Us in Bridge City for Onychomycosis Treatments

Onychomycosis treatments at our Bridge City office start with a consultation, where one of our medical professionals examines your issue and decides, based on the extent of infection, how many sessions of nail fungus treatments you will need. When you come to us for IPL therapy, our Bridge City staff will take good care of you and make sure you are comfortable. Be advised that results are not immediately visible, as the nail fungus treatment stops parasitic growth but the fresh nail plate still has to grow out, so it may take several months after treatments in Bridge City to see results.