Vascular Lesion Laser Treatment in Bridge City, TX

One of the most common skin issues that people come to us in Bridge City to receive laser treatments for are vascular lesions. These benign skin conditions are harmless but can still have a debilitating effect on the lives of those in Bridge City who have them because they are such an aesthetic irregularity. Luckily for those who are embarrassed by a vascular lesion they have – there is help at Golden Triangle Family Care Center in the form of vascular laser treatments. We offer these services to lighten the appearance of these dermal distortions so that people in Bridge City no longer have to feel self-conscious and can embrace the skin they’re in.

Vascular Lesions We Treat at Our Bridge City Clinic

Vascular lesions are red blotches that appear on the skin as a result of enlarged or burst blood vessels showing through. There are many specific kinds of lesions, however, as these spots can show up in a number of sizes and shapes and anywhere on the body, but all can be taken care of with vascular laser treatment. Some of the vascular lesion conditions that people come to us with in Bridge City are spider veins, port wine stains, rosacea, liver spots, and hemangiomas. While each of these show up on the bodies of people in Bridge City differently, the intensity of all can be alleviated through vascular laser treatments.

How Bridge City Vascular Laser Treatment Works

Here at Golden Triangle Family Care Center, we use intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy to treat vascular lesions with the goal of lightening them until they are no longer visible. This works by using focused wavelengths on areas that are discolored and uses the heat energy to break up that pigment. In vascular laser treatments, our skilled Bridge City technicians target the hemoglobin in the lesion and work to destroy that blood vessel or capillary without damaging the surrounding skin or tissue. Our clients in Bridge City love this non-invasive, non-ablative way to rid their skin of splotchy marks.

Laser Appointments in Bridge City for Vascular Lesions

When you come to us in Bridge City for a vascular laser appointment, you can feel confident that our services will assist you in reaching your aesthetic goals. Golden Triangle Family Care Center has a trained staff of Bridge City laser technicians who take their time to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the consultation and are professional as well as gentle while administering treatments. More prominent vascular lesions require a number of treatments to fully fix, and we pride ourselves in having a practice that Bridge City clients are comfortable returning to time and time again.